Our Mission

To make great-tasting natural products for natural nausea relief, so that today can be better than yesterday.

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3 Pillars of Our Mission

Safe Ingredients

Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free

We believe in safety first! This is why we did our due diligence when we sourced our ingredients. We only use premium vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients that are entirely natural. 

All chews and powders are packaged and created in the USA, and our tins, packaging, and displays are sourced from USA manufacturers and distributors. Our chews are tested for WADA Banned Substances, and each batch is certified safe by LCG Science, Inc.

Social Impact

500 chews donated and counting

We have partnered with local cancer organizations to get Anti-Na into the hands of those that need them the most. To date, our Chews for Charity campaign has donated 400 chews to The Breast Cancer Foundation and 100 chews to Cancer Kinship. 

We hope to provide much-needed relief from the nausea and fatigue that prevents chemotherapy patients and cancer survivors from participating in their daily lives.


Anti-waste and anti-plastic promise

Anti-Na is proudly anti-waste and anti-plastic. We source all our ingredients sustainably and ethically, in a way that is safe for the planet and for the people.

We use reinforced Kraft paper packing tape and Kraft paper shipping mailers. Our chews also come in reusable travel tins to minimize plastic packaging.

Social Impact

Summer 2018

Kristen Del Dosso, founder and CEO of Anti-Na, climbed Mt. Whitney in California and found her higher calling. This trip ultimately inspired her to create Anti-Na, an anti-nausea chew.

Halfway up Mt. Whitney, she discovered she had mild altitude sickness above 8,000 feet. Nothing worked to help alleviate the nausea and fatigue she felt as she went up the mountain, so once she completed the harrowing climb, she set her mind on finding a solution.

Spring 2019

Kristen left her stressful job and became a full-time student in pursuit of her MBA at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business. In her entrepreneurship class, she created a business plan to sell an all-natural anti-nausea supplement. 

She knew she had found the perfect all-natural, low-sugar formula when she combined a soft ginger chew with the energy-boosting complex carbohydrate di-ribose and revitalizing Vitamin B6. The chews are easy on the mouth, unlike other anti-nausea hard candies packed with artificial sugar. 

Spring 2020

A year later, Kristen received a micro-grant from her MBA program to formulate and create the pilot chews. Thus, Anti-Na was born!

We've Donated 526 Chews Across Southern California and Counting!

Market Need

  • 1.81 MillionIndividuals with chemotherapy induced nausea & fatigue (source: accc-cancer.org)
  • 4.08 MillionIndividuals with morning sickness (source: ACOG, 2020)
  • 1 in 3Individuals with motion sickness (source: National Institute of Health, 2020)
  • 25 - 85% Of individuals altitude sickness (source: news-medical.net)

Target Market

  • 2.3 Million Incidents of cancer diagnosis expected in 2030 (source: accc-cancer.org)
  • 1 of 3 Chemotherapy patients experience anticipatory nausea and vomiting
  • 90% Chemo induced nausea - up to 90% can result negative quality of life

The Anti-Na Story

Kristen learned about social impact business models in her Nonprofit Management Class, and this opened the door to Anti-Na’s mission to give back to the community. 

In the same class, Kristen connected with Yoli, the founder of Cancer Kinship. This non-profit organization empowers cancer patients to face the disease with the help of group support, education, and socialization provided by compassionate volunteers and staff.

Kristen’s mother is a cancer survivor, and survivorship is a topic and advocacy that has long been near and dear to her heart. She has seen firsthand the hardships faced by patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

Her mother was a few months away from retirement when she got her diagnosis, and she was lucky that her accrued time off over the years afforded her the time to undergo treatment. However, Kristen knew other women, such as a neighbor and another close friend, who were diagnosed at thirty and were forced to go to work right after their chemo appointments.

The intense nausea they experienced caused a great deal of discomfort and got in the way of their productivity and everyday life. Unfortunately, the expensive nausea drug prescribed to alleviate chemotherapy symptoms is extremely strong and causes terrible migraines. Many patients choose to endure extreme nausea instead of taking the medication.

This sparked the connection between Kristen’s anti-altitude sickness solution and Anti-Na’s long-term mission and vision. No person should have to be forced to endure such debilitating symptoms while they are expected to be productive at work and socialize with their family and friends. 

What’s more, cancer survivors can experience nausea and fatigue for ten years after their treatments. They deserve affordable, accessible, and all-natural solutions that will not cause any extreme side effects. 

Once Kristen had the first Anti-Na chews in hand, she wasted no time in distributing them to all the women she knew who were suffering from the horrible effects of chemotherapy. And to her delight, the chews helped! 

The Anti-Na pilot chews were not abrasive on their mouths like other hard ginger candies. The patients could take fewer breaks at work and be more productive. Eating became much less of a burden because of the lack of nausea throughout the day. Anti-Na’s lemon-flavored variant helped mask the metallic taste that chemotherapy left on patients’ tongues. 

With this feedback, Kristen happily took on the mission to get Anti-Na into the hands of those who need it the most: women who experience recurring nausea and are still expected to juggle their burdens at work, at home, and in life.  

Our Areas of Focus

Kristen knew the company she would start would give back to the community. Since her chews provided relief to the nausea felt by patients undergoing chemotherapy, she knew she could help improve the quality of their lives in some way. Thus, Chews4Charity was born.

From the beginning, Anti-Na has been working hand in hand with local cancer organizations to make the chews available to patients. In collaboration with Cancer Kinship and The Breast Cancer Fundraiser, the Chews4Charity campaign donates one chew for every $2 that it raises. To date, the campaign has donated hundreds of Anti-Na chews to cancer patients to help alleviate their symptoms.

Cancer Kinship also includes Anti-Na chews in the care packages that they provide to newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Anti-Na chews also naturally replenish depleted energy. They have helped so many people: patients undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, travel enthusiasts and adventurers who suffer from altitude sickness or motion sickness, and even those who experience hangovers.

Kristen and everyone at Anti-Na aims to help the strong, driven, family caretakers find a safe solution to stay motivated, energized, and ready to take on the world.