Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your products made?

    All chews and powders are packaged and created in the USA with premium quality ingredients.

    Our tins, packaging, and displays are also sourced from USA manufacturers and distributors. 

  • Are they vegan, gluten free, dairy-free, kosher?

    Vegan: Yes

    Gluten-free: Yes

    Dairy-free: Yes

    Kosher: Not certified

  • How do your products work?

    Every body is different!

    Many individuals start to feel a difference very quickly. Others take longer. This is to be expected. Anti-Na products support your body’s own natural healing process. Your nutritional habits, physical activity level, amount of rest, severity of nausea, and other factors will play a role in your speed of recovery. 

  • For fastest results...

    Bite chew in half, chew it until it is “soft” and push with your tongue to the roof of your mouth and let it slowly absorb. The super power ingredients are able to quickly take effect as absorption occurs in your mouth instead of taking place in your stomach where your stomach acid breaks down active ingredients. 

  • Are your products safe? Safe for athletes?

    Ask your doctor/healthcare provider if you have any questions about consumption on Anti-Na products.

    Our chews are tested for WADA Banned Substances by LCG Science, Inc. 


    Email us at for a copy of the certificate of analysis or if you have any questions.

  • My chews stick to the wrapper!! Is this normal?

    Yes, this is normal. The active ingredient D-Ribose acts similar to chocolate.

    In warm/hot conditions the chews become sticky-taffy candy, in cold conditions the chews harden. 

    For best results, store in a cool-dry place.