Our Mission

To make great-tasting natural products for natural nausea relief, so that today can be better than yesterday.

Our Results


Chemo Patient

Anti-Na chews simply work. I felt better and was able to stay on my feet for the rest of my appointments.

Photo by RICHARD GILLARD/Acorn Newspapers



Anti-Na chews helped me complete my bike ride without feeling nauseated by the altitude and windy mountain road.


Altitude Sickness

Anti-Na chews helped me get to the top of Mather Pass in the Sierras. It gave me a lot of energy and helped with my nausea going up the pass. It helped me climb up my mountain today.



I am a huge fan of these chews. 

They are amazing, they taste really good, and  they really work. You should be buying them right now. Happy Customer.


Endurance Exercise

I love eating a chew or two before a high-intensity workout because it helps my stomach stay calm. Without it, I get an upset stomach halfway through and have to sit out to rest. It is nice not to worry about nausea during a workout.



Anti-Na chews helped settle the upset stomachs in my family. We don't miss out on family time.

Our Team

Kristen Del Dosso, CPA, MBA

Founder, CEO

I am an outdoor enthusiast that unfortunately gets altitude-induced nausea, a mild form of Acute Mountain Sickness (aka altitude-sickness) and migraine-induced nausea. 

While preparing for my Mt. Whitney hike, I researched different natural solutions to address nausea and the loss of energy that often accompanies a loss of appetite.

Through combining the different raw ingredients used to get me to the top of Mt. Whitney, I have formulated natural products that are safe for everyone while also replenishing depleted energy. 

I became passionate about addressing the discomfort of morning sickness and chemotherapy induced nausea when witnessing friends and family struggling to not only take care of themselves, but also their families as a result of nausea. 

KDD Nutraceuticals, Inc was founded to help the nauseated individuals conquer their daily mountain, so that today can be better than yesterday. I want to help the strong, driven, family caretakers find a safe solution to stay motivated, energized, and ready to take on the world.

Diana Ramos MD, MPH, MBA

Formula Advisor

American College of Oncology & Gynecology

Vice Chair: District IX 

Keck USC - Associate Clinical Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Ramos is a board-certified physician and public health leader with extensive experience in successfully developing health-based text messaging programs, a couple of which included mental health, and social media campaigns. Dr. Ramos has received several California and National Innovation awards for her ability to promote ideas and convert them to much needed healthcare tools. She brings healthcare, public health and consumer networks all critical to the success of her startup Gami-Fi Health.

Carol Coyne

Nutrition Advisor

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach 

Founder of To the Point of Health & THRU-R

Carol Coyne is an Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach, Yoga Instructor, and a proponent of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She also is an experienced backpacker who loves the outdoors (without the altitude sickness) and is the founder of THRU-r - a long distance hiking community.